History - Appendix


Appendix I
Innsbruck Graduate Fellows

Institute for Comparative Study of Public Policy Graduate Fellows

1989/1990 Annelies Kessler

1990/1991 Burghard Zlimnig

1991/1992 Rainer Fadinger

1992/1993 Irene Brameshuber

1993/1994 Oliver Bachmann

1994/1995 Barbara Allgäuer

1995/1996 Christine Reindl

1996/1997 Elisabeth Tschelnigg


Center Austria Graduate Fellows

1997/1998 Daniel Moosbrugger

1998/1999 Andreas Fischer

1999/2000 Erika Hilber

2000/2001 Michael Hofinger

2001/2002 Barbara Marschik

2002/2003 Martin Jenewein

2003/2004 Cornelia Reinisch

2004/2005 Inge Korber

2005/2006 Martina Klotz [relocated

due to Hurricane Katrina]

2006/2007 Martin Frick

2007/2008 Sandra Scherl

2008/2009 Christina Sturn

2009/2010 David Biernath

2010/2011 Christian Theiner

2011/2012 Carmen Gächter

2012/2013 Christian Riml

2013/2014 Kathrin Voggenberger

2014/2015 David Messner


Appendix II

Marshall Plan Chairs in Austrian and European Studies at UNO

Spring 2001 Thomas Albrich (History - University of Innsbruck)

2001/2002 Eric Frey (Der Standard/Political Science - Vienna)

2002/2003 Peter Berger (History– Vienna University of Economics and Business)

2003/2004 Andrea Grisold (Economics – Vienna University of Economics and Business)

2004/2005 Thomas Fröschl (History - University of Vienna)

2005/2006 Peter Gerlich (Political Science - University of Vienna)

2006/2007 Martin Heintel (Geography - University of Vienna)

2007/2008 Andreas Pribersky (Political Science - University of Vienna)

2008/2009 Elisabeth Springler (Finance - Vienna University of Economics and Business)

2009/2010 Peter Moser (Diplomat- in-Residence - Vienna)

2010/2011 Monika De Frantz (Urban Studies - University of Vienna)

2011-2012 Mariam Tazi-Preve (Political Science– University of Vienna)

2012/2013 Berthold Molden (History-University of Vienna)

2013/2014 Berthold Molden (History-University of Vienna)

2014/2015 Karin Liebhart (Political Science-Vienna)

2015/2016 Hans Petschar (Austrian National Library, Vienna)


Appendix III
Austrian Ministry of Science and Research Fellows at UNO

2002/2003 Martin David (Vienna)

2003/2004 Sonja Niederacher (Vienna)

2004/2005 Josef Köstlbauer (Vienna)

2005/2006 Christine Sabadello (Vienna) [returned to Austria after Hurricane Katrina]

2006/2007 Sigrid Harrer (Graz)

2007/2008 Marion Wieser (Innsbruck)

2008/2009 Michael Maier (Vienna)

2009/2010 Alexander Smith (Innsbruck)

2010/2011 Alexander Smith (Innsbruck)

2011/2012 Eva Maltschnig (Vienna)

2011/2012 Eva Maltschnigg (Vienna)

2012/2013 Dominik Hoffmann-Wellenhof (Graz)

2013/2014 Markus Habermann

2014/2015 Ina Markova

2014/2015 Stefan Maurer


Appendix IV
Austrian Fulbright Lecturers in German at UNO

Fall 1998 Bettina Kohlegger (Innsbruck)

1999/2000 Katharina Herzmansky (Graz)

2000/2001 Anna Greissing (Innsbruck)

2001/2002 Iris Nagl (Salzburg)

2002/2003 Julia Wibmer (Innsbruck)

2003/2004 Agnes Zauner (Graz)

2004/2005 Susanne Gregor (Salzburg)

2005/2006 Anita Dall (Linz) [transferred to Univ. of Mississippi post-Katrina]

2006/2007 Christian Carlsen (Salzburg)

2007/2008 Edith Kreutner (Innsbruck)

2008/2009 Judith Kopf (Innsbruck)



Appendix V
Nick Mueller Fellows at UNO

2004/2005 Florian Wimmer (Business Administration)

2005/2006 Stephan Fiedrich (Psychology)

2006/2007 Hermann Eberharter (International Business)

2007/2008 Meinhard Legerer (Architecture)

2008/2009 Marion Wieser (Political Science)

2009/2010 Manfred Kohler (Political Science)

2010/2011 Michael Fink (Psychology)

2011/2012 Christian Scheiner (Geography)

2012/2013 Theresa Mairhofer

2013/2014 Martina Prugger

2014/2015 Svenja Grabner


Appendix VI
Botstiber Fellows

2008/2009 Marcus Maier (Engineering – TU Innsbruck)

2009/2010 Thomas Maier (Engineering – TU Vienna)

2009/2010 Philipp Strobl (History – Innsbruck)

2010/2011 Fabian Luttenberger (Engineering – TU Graz)

2011/2012 Fabian Luttenberger (Engineering – TU Graz)



Appendix VII
Annual UNO – Innsbruck Symposi

A. Institute for the Study of Comparative Public Policy Symposia:

1982 Federalism and States Rights, New Orleans

Unions and Democracy, Innsbruck

1983 Tourism and Culture, New Orleans

Economics and Politics of Health, Innsbruck

1984 Energy and Security Concerns in the Atlantic Community, New Orleans

New Directions in Economic and Security Policy, Innsbruck

1985 Economics and Politics of Industrial Policy, New Orleans

Religion and Politics, Innsbruck

1986 Neutrality: Changing Concepts and Practices, New Orleans

International Banking: The Politics of the Financial Economics Issues, Innsbruck

1987 New Immigrants and Old Minorities, New Orleans

Migration: Comparative Aspects in Europe, Innsbruck

1988 Education, Technology and Economic Development, New Orleans

Permanent Education between New Illiteracy and High-Power Technology, Innsbruck

1989 From Woman to Mother: The New Politics of the Cradle, New Orleans

EC Internal Market and European Integration, Innsbruck

1990 European Economic Integration, New Orleans

Urban Development: The American Agenda and the European Experience, Innsbruck

1992 Comparative Urban Revitalization, Strategies, New Orleans

1993 Austria 1949-1961, Innsbruck

1994 Ethnic Minorities, New Orleans

1995 Austrian Historical Memory and National Identity, Innsbruck

1996 Financial Aspects of Sports: An International Perspective, New Orleans



B. CenterAustria Symposia:

1998 The Marshall Plan in Austria – An Economic and Social History, New Orleans

1999 Tourism and Festivals, Innsbruck

2000 Satchmo Meets Amadeus: New Orleans and Salzburg – Two Cities and Their Sounds of Music, New Orleans

2001 Austria and the EU: A Five Year Assessment, Innsbruck

2002 The Westernization – Americanization of Austria in the 20th Century, New Orleans

2003 Towards a European Constitution? Historical, Political, and Comparative Aspects: Europe –U.S., Innsbruck

2004 The Privatization of Urban Space, New Orleans

Transatlantic Relations: Austria and Latin America, Innsbruck

2005 The South, New Orleans, the Caribbean, and Discourses of Creolization, New Orleans [Cancelled due to Hurricane Katrina]

2006 Satchmo Meets Amadeus, Salzburg

2007 Acadians and Cajuns: The Politics and Culture of French Minorities in North America, Innsbruck

2008 The Prague Spring and the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, New Orleans

Representations of the Marshall Plan in the Media, Vienna

2009 2 Sessions on Insights into Oxygen Sensing and Signaling in the American Physiological

Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans

2010 International Student Mobility Workshop, New Orleans

2011 Conference in World History: The Role and Function of the Global City, Innsbruck

2012 no conference held

2013 The Life and Work of Günther Anders: Émigre, Iconoclast, Philosopher, Literateur

2014 Enduring Cultures: Indigenous Responses to Changing Environments in the 21st Century