The 2014 Art Exchange

In the exhibition known as 'environmental scanning' at the St. Claude Gallery in New Orleans, artists Katharina Cibulka and Nicole Weniger explore the relationship between human beings and human modes of perception of surrounding spaces. The works on exhibition thematize and visualize the impact of a given environmental field on one's identity as a human being and the human behavior which is born of that impact.

Katharina Cibulka was born in 1975 in Innsbruck. She studied media and performance art at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna and analog film at the New York Film Academy. In her films, photographic works, installation art pieces, performances and textual works, she thematizes the relationship of individuals to their immediate environment, thus highlighting a precarious balancing act between subjective desires and demands placed on individuals by the external world. Her critical scrutiny of deeply entrenched habits in order to counteract this syndrome by presenting proof of the contrary through artistic means - thus making change possible - forms an integral part of her handicraft.

Nicole Weniger was born in 1987 in Innsbruck. She studied transmedial art at the University of Applied Art. In her artistic works she addresses the inner needs of urbanized people and the disparity between nature and culture. Nicole Weniger views urban city space as theatre. Her performance-like stagings and interventions are aimed at provoking irritations among city inhabitants and the concomitant responses; as well as depicting certain social, spatial and economic relationships.