UNO Families

We decided to apply for an exchange semester at the University of New Orleans separately and independently from each other. Our time at UNO was wonderful! There was so much we experienced, we partied, we traveled, and of our course, we studied hard. We met at UNO and got married three years ago.

We are now the proud parents of two wonderful daughters and enjoy our life in a beautiful part of Austria, the Wachau. We think back to our days in New Orleans often and we can only recommend everyone to study abroad. Even though you might not find the love of your life, as we have, you might have the experiences and friendships of a life-time.

Lisa and Martin Saahs

Anja was a graduate student at UNO in fall 2010 studying health care management. Alexander was Austrian Ministry of Science Fellow at Center Austria from 2009 to 2011. He recently completed his PhD in economic history at the University of Innsbruck. Now Anja is an English & PE teacher at a high school and Alexander works for a financial company in Innsbruck. Center Austria is not just a great academic place, we can tell there is also a lot of love in the air.

It’s the place where we met and where we fell in love with each other. Now we are married, have a little boy and are expecting another one this year. We will never forget the lovely people at Center Austria and the great time we had in New Orleans!

Anja and Alexander Smith


 Center Austria connects, broadens horizons, enables intercultural understanding and creates at least one new lucky family every other year. We met via Center Austria in 2006, and over ten years later we have lived in three countries, had many amazing experiences, and added two more intercultural people to the world.

Joelle and Paul Preidler

When we left our loved ones behind in 2008, little did we Austrians know that there was a family waiting for us in New Orleans already. Little did Ana Emilia and I know that we would find each other in our second (to none) hometown of New Orleans. Thank you family and friends in New Orleans, thank you Center Austria, thank you Gertraud and Günter.

Ana Emilia and Christoph Koller

 I don’t think there is any better way to understand a culture, than to be supported by learning and engaging. The UIBK and UNO partnership offers students a unique opportunity to be a part of a global community…mountains or Mardi Gras, either direction you are going, it’s a good one. Participating in the AYA program in Innsbruck has been the most influential event in my life. I would not trade the experiences and support that I received from Margaret Davidson and the AYA community, even after leaving Innsbruck, for anything.

Allie Steinbarth and Philip Vogrin