Volume 1: Transatlantic Relations

During the Austrian Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2006, Latin America was one of the foreign policy foci. All Latin American heads of state gathered in Vienna in April 2006. This is reason enough to draw a summary of the state of research in Austrian – Latin American relations and the various historical, political and cultural interactions, as well as migration movements.

For this purpose an interdisciplinary scholarly conference was organized by the Universities of Innsbruck and New Orleans. In June 2005 historians, diplomats, theologians, as well literary and film scholars met in the Innsbruck.

This volume contains the conference papers. Diplomatic relations, migration movements and the politics of exile (especially the diverging refugee flows during and after World War II) constitute the heart of this book, next to scientific relations and the mutual reception of film and literature. Moreover, the strong Austrian solidarity movements with refugees from Chile after the military coup against Allende (1973) and with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the late 1970s/early 1980s are also part of this volume.

Never before have such a broad overview of the trans-Atlantic relationship with South America from an Austrian vantage point been covered in one volume.

Each essay in this volume is also abstracted in Spanish and German.