The Center Austria Senior Fellows

A UNO faculty member and Chair of the Department of Political Science, my affiliations with the University of Innsbruck have been long and fruitful. My Department welcomed many Innsbruck faculty as guest professors, and I, myself, served as an Innsbruck guest professor in 1987. I taught in the annual “Austrian Student Program” close to its inception and directed the program from 1992 to 2006. It was my special pleasure to host ASP students at my house for an annual Mardi Gras party. My department also hosted a number of visiting Marshall Plan Chairs, facilitating lasting friendships with Viennese academics.

Charles D. Hadley
Professor Emeritus and former Chair, Department of Political Science
Senior Fellow, Center Austria

Congratulations to Center Austria on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary. I will always be indebted to the Center and to the leadership of Günter Bischof for the contributions the Center has made to the intellectual life of UNO. For many years, Center Austria has persevered in producing first-rate publications, conferences and symposia.

I am especially grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the speakers that the Center has brought to campus. Center Austria takes seriously the duty to expose students and faculty to ideas from a wide range of scholars, especially from abroad. No other entity at UNO has fulfilled that duty with such care.

Robert L. Dupont
Chair, Department of History and Philosophy
Senior Fellow, Center Austria

I was a fresh student transplant from Innsbruck to New Orleans when Center Austria first opened its doors in 1997. Little did I know at that time how connected I would remain to the Center, which has been instrumental in enabling so many transatlantic friendships that today reach far beyond Innsbruck and New Orleans.

Center Austria has been a bedrock of Austrian-American relations while it firmly established itself as an exemplary model for transatlantic cooperation in academia, the arts and beyond. Twenty years of success are only the beginning!

Hannes R. Richter
Embassy of Austria to the United States
Senior Fellow, Center Austria