Kata Hinterlechner & Andrea Lüth

"parallel barking separate sleeping"


In the St. Claude Gallery in New Orleans, two highly disparate artistic vantage points are being exhibited: separately but parallel to one another. Similarities in substance and form will jump into view. And with precisely the same certainty, differences will also crystalize.

The approaches of the two artists are similar. For Kata Hinterlechner and Andrea Lüth, abstract and storytelling aspects are both sought and depicted. Concrete forms and colors are combined with words and images.

However, Kata Hinterlechner focuses more emphatically on collage and photography, whereas Andrea Lüth draws words and texts. In the works of both artists, colored wedges and corners slice a path through the paintings, edges and colored blotches creep into them.

Both small and mid-sized paintings of each artist should be exhibited in the gallery. They are then rounded out by a room-sized installation consisting of wall murals, projections, sculpture, etc. which was developed jointly by the two artists together.

Images of the exhibition opening on September 10, 2016: