Studies in Central European History, Culture and Literature

Changing Adresses

This volume of contemporary Austrian literature was first published by Innsbruck University Press under the heading of Wechselnde Anschriften (2008). Eleven of the twenty-one authors from the German edition are published in the selection presented here. These writers largely hail from Western Austria (Tyrol and Vorarlberg) and the South Tyrol, a largely German-speaking part of the historic county of Tirol, now the province of Alto Adige in Northern Italy.

Felix Mitterer: Jägerstätter

Felix Mitterer’s gripping drama Jägerstätter is based on the life and death of the martyr Franz Jägerstätter (1907-1943), an Austrian farmer who refused to fight for Hitler because of his Catholic faith. Mitterer depicts Franz, who was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, as a courageous but struggling and insecure human being—and not at all as a saint.