Reading: The Float of Medusa

Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies & the Department of English and Foreign Languages invite you to a reading:

Austrian author Franzobel will read from his latest novel, The Float of Medusa (in English)

When: October 1, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
Where: Earl K. Long Library, Room 407


It is the year 1816. Three barrels of wine, a barrel of water, a bag of stale bread. And 147 survivors of the Medusa, a French ship that sank off the coast of Senegal. In The Float Of Medusa (Zsolnay, 2017), the Austrian writer Franzobel re-tells the true story of one of the greatest disasters in seafaring history. Wrapped in a breathtaking novel, this is a story of suffering, moral, and human survival that is as topical today as it was in the 19th century.

Franzobel is one of the best-known contemporary Austrian novelists, playwrights and essayists. His work has been translated into 23 languages. The Float of Medusa is his latest novel. He lives in Vienna.

Franzobel at The University of New Orleans.

Franzobel at The University of New Orleans.