Millennials in Politics: New Evidence from Austria and the United States



Hannes R. Richter, Ph.D.
Embassy of Austria, Washington, DC

When: Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 12:30- 1:30 PM
Where: UNO International Center, Seminar Room 112

Millennials’ political behavior has been attracting scholarly and popular attention. Their political attitudes often differ from their older cohorts and they are the generation that redefines the trade of political communication. At the same time, a more troubling aspect of this age group has come to light: declining numbers of support for liberal democracy and its institutions. Based on the latest available data from Austria and the United States, this talk will investigate this trend and contrast it with policy preferences of millennials in both countries in order to shed more light onto a phenomenon that is not limited to the United States.

Hannes Richter is a UNO-trained political scientist serving at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC. His work focuses on developments in American voting behavior and political communications, as well as communications in diplomacy and the international arena.

This talk is co-sponsered by the Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies
The World Affairs Council of New Orleans