Spring 2019 Calendar - Scheduled Events

Marcos Luiz Photography

Marcos Luiz Photography

Scheduled events so far - please check back for updates.

January 28 - Roman Hutter, Univ. of Michigan/Univ. of Vienna

The Poet Oskar Pastior and the Correlation of Identity and Cultural Policy in 20th Century (East-) Central Europe

January 29 - Deutsches Haus Lecture Series: Klaus Larres, UNC-Chapel Hill

Containing China? The U.S., Germany, and the EU, and how to deal with the Challenge from Bejing

February 12-26 University of Innsbruck Engineers Excursion to New Orleans

February 26 - Deutsches Haus Lecture Series: Günter Bischof, University of New Orleans

Reconstructing Europe after World War II: The Marshall Plan in Austria

March 12 - Nick Ostrum, University of New Orleans

Risk and Interdependency: West German Foreign-Energy Policy, 1957-1978

March 26 - Deutsches Haus Lecture Series: Marc Landry, University of New Orleans

Europe’s Battery: The Alps in the Fossil Fuel Age

April 1 - Martin Brody, Wellesley College

Music and the Cold War

April 23 - Center Austria Fellows’ Research Presentations

Irina Pavlovic: The Teaching of Pronunciation in Foreign Language Teaching
Vicko Marelic: The Adriatic Question at the Paris Peace Conference

April 30 - Deutsches Haus Lecture Series: Dietmar Felber, Tulane University

Spurensuche in the Crescent City: German Language Inscriptions in New Orleans

May 23-24 - Annual UNO – University of Innsbruck Symposium

Illegal Migration in Europe and the United States in Contemporary History: A transnational and comparative perspective