Spotlight on People: Ben Benton

Ben Benton
Intern, Center Austria

Ben Benson

Ben Benson

My name is Ben Benton and I am currently working as an intern at the University of New Orleans’s Center Austria. I had to become an intern as part of a graduation requirement for school. The requirement was that I had to work for a few weeks for someone that has a profession I may be interested in having, when I am older. I chose to do my internship at Center Austria because Dr. Bischoff, my uncle, is a historian and history is a passion of mine. I am hoping to learn from him what historians do every day and how they learn information from history. Since then I have found my experience Center Austria to be quite rewarding.

The work here at Center Austria has actually been quite easy and very informational. To show me the kind of work a historian does my uncle gave me a box full of letters written down during WW2. I read these letters and write down key facts about them, so that I may be able to get more information and a better understanding of the time period they are from. I have since learned that this is how historians often get their information from history. Another thing I often do at Center Austria is to type down papers about historical subjects. To do this I sometimes go online to get pieces information I need about the time period and then put it into the paper. Not only does this help me complete my assignment but I have learn a boatload of information about my favorite subject as well.

When my internship is over at Center Austria I will have everything I need for graduation. I am currently in my last year of not only high school but school in general. After my graduation I will be attending college at Southeastern University in Hammond. Although I am not entirely sure yet, I think I will study history and philosophy in my freshman year, since they are my two favorite subjects. After college I plan on joining the military someday and when I retry I may actually be a historian like my uncle.