The 2018 Visiting Fellows

Veronika Duma studied history at the University of Vienna in Austria and visited UNO as a "Center Austria Visiting Junior Research Fellow" in February 2018. Duma had a productive stay under the supervision of Professor Guenter Bischof and was able to complete her Ph.D. while at the Center.

In her dissertation – “Rosa Jochmann. Resistance and persecution in (Austro)-fascism and National Socialism from a gender-specific perspective” – she reconstructs the life of the Austrian Social Democrat and Nazi concentration camp survivor Rosa Jochmann (1901-1994) in the context of social and political history of the twentieth century from a gender perspective. Her biographical approach includes the contexts of both Austrian and international history and is conducted within the context of social and political history. The broader questions she wanted to address are concerned with the rise of fascism in Europe, the Cold War in Austria, and the politics of commemoration.

Veronika Duma participated in all academic discourses at Center Austria and presented her work in Center Austria lectures, while her stay at UNO has also opened possibilities for future academic collaboration and exchange.