Lunch Lecture

The Economic Relationship between Austria and Hungary in the Shadow of the Two World Wars

Béla M. Teleky                                                                                                                        
Austrian Ministry of Science and Research Fellow

When: April 16, 2018, 12:30 pm
Where: Seminar Room IC 112, The University of New Orleans


The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy had a great impact on the political and economic system of Central and East-Central Europe. The economic area of the empire, which had grown together over the course of 150 years into a customs union, was characterized by strong interdependence. In the interwar period both former centers of the Monarchy had to struggle with the political and economic consequences of World War One. The presentation aims at elaborating the differences and similarities between the economic development of both countries, the Republic of Austria and the Hungarian Kingdom during the interwar period. Furthermore, it is intended to show how deeply rooted the two economies were and how trade between them had developed over the years.

Béla M. Teleky studied History and International Relations at the University of Vienna. His Diploma-thesis about the Reformation in Western Hungary was published 2014 and awarded with the “Bischof DDr. Stefan László-Prize”. Since October 2014 he is part of the Doktoratskolleg at the Andrássy University in Budapest. His PhD-thesis is about the economic relations between Austria and Hungary in the interwar period. Since October 2017 Béla Teleky is a Research Fellow of the Ministry of Science at the University of New Orleans.