Rosa Jochmann: Holocaust Survivor, Political Actor and Contemporary Witness - An Austrian Biography

Veronika Dum
University of Vienna, Austria

When: Feb. 8, 2018, 12:30pm
Where: Seminar Room, International Center

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Duma_Jochman Feb8_2017.jpg

The biography of the Austrian Social Democrat and Nazi concentration camp survivor Rosa Jochmann (1901-1994) is placed in the context of social and political history of the twentieth century. The rise of fascism, the period of Interwar Europe, the political developments in post-war Europe, and politics of commemoration can be illuminated from a gender perspective by the case of Rosa Jochmann, which is in certain respects paradigmatic for the developments of the time.

Veronika Duma is a PhD-candidate at the Department of History at the University of Vienna and part of the research network on Women's and Gender History. Currently she receives the Marietta Blau Grant for PhD students of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in Austria and spent the last months as a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Contemporary History in Potsdam and the KZ-Memorial Ravensbrück.

Most recent articles:

  • Duma, Veronika/Erker, Linda/Helfert, Veronika/Lichtenberger, Hanna (2016): "Changing the Perspectives. Gender Relations in Austrofascism," Austrian Journal of Historical Studies (ÖZG) 3/2016).
  • Duma, Veronika (2015): "Between Collaboration and Resistance: Prisoner Functionaries at the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp," in: Brenneisen, Marco/Eckel, Christine/Haendel, Laura/Pietsch, Julia (2015): Stigmatization – Marginalization – Persecution, Metropol Verlag, p. 142-164.