Deutsch Foundation Travel Grants Awarded


Center Austria awarded two Deutsch Foundation Travel Awards to Jacob Wade (second from left) and Emma Obermayr (front center).

Due to the generosity of the Rosa & Brunswick Deutsch Foundation, UNO’s Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies will offer an annual travel grant of $ 1,000 to a student of the University of New Orlean studying in Austria, and/or a University of Innsbruck student studying at UNO at least for a semester or a year. In 2018, the inaugural year of the grant, two grants will be made available – one for a UNO student to study in Austria, one for an Austrian student to study at UNO.

Brunswick Deutsch was the stepson of Eberhart Deutsch, who served as legal adviser to General Mark Clark in 1945-46 during the postwar occupation of Austria. Brunswick Deutsch also served as a longtime honorary consul of Austria in Louisiana and Mississippi.