University of New Orleans - University of Innsbruck Faculty Exchange

Dr. Christina Antenhofer
Dr. Margaret Mitchell/History-American Studies

Dr. Andreas Oberprantacher
Dr. Günter Bischof/History

Dr. Gerhard Rampl
/Foreign Languages

Dr. Andrea Mosterman
/History-American Studies
Dr. Doris Eibl/Foreign Languages
Dr. Olivier Bourderionnet/Foreign Languages


Christina Antenhofer taught two courses in the History Department at the University of New Orleans –  a survey lecture on the High Middle Ages and a seminar on Renaissance women. She also used the guest semester in New Orleans for doing research for her book project Fetish as a Heuristic Category. History – Reception – Interpretation(2011) and for doing research on her habilitation project on material culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Mary Niall Mitchell participated in the exchange while on a J. William Fulbright Fellowship in the Department of American Studies at Innsbruck. She taught three courses: “19th Century U.S. History,” “History Workshop on Slavery” for majors, and a graduate seminar titled “U.S. Cultural History.” She also had the opportunity to share her research on fugitive slaves and race with students at the University of Salzburg.

Andreas Oberprantacher taught two courses at the Department of History, University of New Orleans – a course on European intellectual history and a course on radical democratic thought. He guest lectured on the European refugee crisis at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. During his stay he finalized an anthology on subjectivation in political theory and contemporary practices for Palgrave Macmillan.

Günter Bischof taught two courses in the Institute of Contemporary History – a survey lecture course, “American History after the Civil War” and a Seminar, “The United States as an Occupation Power and American Techniques of Nation Building.” He also used the guest semester in Innsbruck for doing archival research at the National Archives in Vienna and at the State Archives in Innsbruck and Bregenz for his book project The Marshall Plan in Austria.

Gerhard Rampl taught two courses at the Department of English and Foreign Languages at the University of New Orleans – an introduction into the Romance languages in Europe and a graduate course on Romance heritage in Louisiana place names. The latter course was designed as research seminar where the students among other things helped to populate a web GIS application with etymological explanations of place names of Romance origin.

Doris Eibl taught two courses in the English and Modern Languages Department at the University of New Orleans: a survey lecture course on the history of French literature and a seminar (onsite and online), “Literature’s Knowledge in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.” During her guest semester in New Orleans she also worked on her current research project “Emancipation in Exile: Surrealist Women Artists and Writers in Mexico.”

Andrea Mosterman spent the Spring/Summer 2017 semester in Innsbruck, teaching the courses, “Slavery in North America” and “Atlantic History” in the American Studies and History departments. While in Europe, she conducted archival research for her next manuscript: a microhistory of a seventeenth-century Dutch slave ship.

Olivier Bourderionnet will teach two courses in the fall of 2017: a survey lecture for the Department of Romance Languages focusing on Chanson Française in the twentieth century and a course on French cinema for the Master’s program of the Department of Comparative Literature. He will conduct research at the University of Innsbruck’s Institut Français’s archival fund, Textmusik in der Romania. University of New Orleans –