Volume 16: The Changing Austrian Voter

Topical Essays


Oliver Rathkolb
The Changing Austrian Voters: A Historical Typology
Wolfgang C. Müller: 
Elections and Party System Dynamics
Fritz Plasser + Peter A.Ulram: 
Electoral Change in Austria
Guenther Hofinger + Guenther Ogris: 
Electoral Mobility in Austria
Herbert Dachs: 
Regional Elections in Austria
Kurt R. Luther: 
Haider- and Post-Haider Populism in Austria
Guenther Lengauer: 
The Media and Austrian Elections
Fritz Plasser + Gilg Seeber: 
Austrian Electoral Behavior in International Comparison

Forum: The Elections of October 1, 2006 . Austrian Experts Interpret the National Elections of October 1, 2006

Rudolf Bretschneider (GFK Austria- Survey Resarch)
Peter Gerlich (University of Vienna)
Peter Hajek (OGM – Survey Research)
Imma Palme(IFES – Survey Research)
Anton Pelinka (Central European University)
Manfred Prisching (University of Graz)

Non-Topical Essays

Peter Ruggenthaler
A New Perspective from Moscow Archives: Austria and the Stalin Notes of 1952
Thomas Fischer, 
The Birth of the N+NA: Austrian and Swiss Foreign Policy in the CSCE

Review Essays

Matthew Berg,
New Literature on Austria Coming to Terms with and Memory of Its World War II Past (Reiter on post-Nazi Generations, Albrich/Garscha on Justiz und NS, Perz on Mauthausen, Redl on Carinthian war monuments)
Peter Berger
Hungarian 1956 Refugees in Vienna (Museum Wien Exhibit)
Alexander Lassner
1930s Diplomacy

Book Reviews

John Boyer, Brix/Bruckmüller/Steckl, eds., Memoria Austriae, 3 vols
Thomas Nowotny on Gehler, Austrian Foreign Policy (2 vols.)
Marsha Rozenblitt on Klaus Hödl and Viennese Jews of the 19th Century
Günter Bischof on Fellner/Corradini, eds., Österreichische Geschichtswissenschaft