UNO-Austrian Alumni Association

Purpose of UNOAAA (according to the bylaws of the association)

  • Support the relationship between students of the University of Innsbruck and University of New Orleans
  • Assistance and advice of Innsbruck students who intend an education at the University of New Orleans as well American students who aim a study visit in Innsbruck.
  • Support the academic exchange at both universities.
  • Support the partnership and the intercultural relationship between the cities of Innsbruck and New Orleans.
  • Installation and support of a network between former exchange students/alumni, lecturers, sustaining people, and representatives of organizations which are involved in this exchange partnership. Collaboration with the city of Innsbruck, the University of Innsbruck and the University of New Orleans.
  • Information and advice to the public in line with the purpose of the association


UNOAAA Executive Board

  • Carmen Gächter (President)
  • Barbara Hellmayr (Treasurer)
  • Eva-Maria Fink (Secretary)

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UNOAAA History

The UNOAAA was formed in fall 2001 as the “Freunde der University of New Orleans” association in Innsbruck., Austria. In summer 2005 it was renamed to “Austrian UNO Alumni Association”. Since spring 2011 the association is called “University of New Orleans Austrian Alumni Association” (UNOAAA, UNOtripleA).