Lunch Talk: Dr. Christina Antenhofer

Diplomat, Forgotten Empress, Unloved Wife: Bianca Maria Sforza – Emperor Maximilian’s Second Wife.

Dr. Christina Antenhofer
Visting Professor , UNO History Department

When: Wednesday April 27, 2011 | 12:30 pm
Where: Liberal Arts Lounge, LA 197, The University of New Orleans

Born in Brunico (South Tyrol) 1973, Dr. Antenhofer studied History, German and Romance at the Universities of Innsbruck and of the Sorbonne (Paris IV). She received her master Degree in German and Romance literature in 1998, and in history in 1999. In 2004 she received her PhD with a dissertation on the correspondence of Gonzaga family in Mantova and the counts of Görz.

She is an assistant professor at the department of History and Ethnology at the University of Innsbruck, with special focus on the late medieval and Renaissance period in the contact zone between the German and Italian area. Her main research areas are: Renaissance and late Middle ages, history of communication, cultural history of politics, gender studies, material culture, geographical names. She has written and edited two books on the geographical names of South Tyrol and two on peseval letters as historical source for the Renaissance period. She also co-edited a book on Political Communication from Ancient History to Modern Times.