Lunch Lecture

Andrea Grisold is professor of economics at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, and currently Schumpeter Fellow at Harvard University.

She was a visiting professor at UNO before and after Katrina, first as Marshall Plan Chair of Austrian Studies in 2003/04, then as Fulbright professor in 2009. She specializes in the field of media economics, namely the political economy of mass media, besides topics such as the economic policies of the European Union and gendered labor markets, and has widely published in those areas.

In this lecture the analysis of long term change in media industries is intertwined with long term economic change, using Schumpeter's theory of innovation to identify causes for the rise and fall of media industries, exemplified here for the TV sector. The most prominent argument for structural transformation in the media industries is that of new and revolutionary technological progress. It will be argued that this falls short of recognizing changes in the general economic settings, and the importance mass media gain for economic development and stabilization.