Presented by CenterAustria and the Department of History.

Günter Bischof is the director ofCenterAustria and the author of a recent book of essaysRelationships/Beziehungsgeschichten: Austria and the United States in the Twentieth Century(TRANSATLANTICA 4) (2014) and co-editor with Stefan Karner and Barbara Stelzl-Marx of The Vienna Summit and Its Importance in International History (The Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series, ed. Mark Kramer) (2014).

He is partnering with the Boltzmann Institute for the Study of the Consequences of War on a vast international collaborative research project on the end of the Cold War “Eastern Europe and the USSR in Transition: The End of an Era (in three volumes)”, in which this lecture will appear as a chapter. In 2014 it will be 25 years ago that the dramatic events and “silent revolutions” of 1989 happened and the end of communism in Eastern Europe unfolded.