Center Austria Fellows Research Presentations

Gertraud Griessner (Center Austria), Markus Habermann (Austrian Ministry of Science Fellow), Martina Prugger (Nick Mueller Fellow) and Guenter Bischof (Center Austria)


Martina Prugger
Nick Mueller Fellow, University of Innsbruck, Applied Mathematics
A Short Introduction to Mathematical Fluids



Markus Habermann
Austrian Ministry of Science Fellow, University of Vienna, Political Science
Emotion in Political Communication: Can Austrian Politicians Learn from American Politicians?


Martina Prugger was born in Hall in Tyrol, Austria, in 1987. She graduated from the University of Vienna in Statistics in 2010 and did her Masters' degree at the University of Innsbruck in 2013 in applied mathematics. In her master thesis, she studied numerical methods to solve partial differential equations that describe the dynamics of gases. In 2013, she was awarded the Nick-Müller scholarship to go to New Orleans and work on her dissertation. In cooperation with Alexander Kurganov, Tulane University, she was able to deepen her understanding of such methods and work on a new idea of implementation.



Markus Habermann grew up in Herrnbaumgarten, Lower Austria, and lives in Vienna. He studied Political Science, Sociology, as well as the Czech language at the University of Vienna and in the Czech Republic. After his studies he began to work as a lobbyist for Austria's biggest agency. He has also been working as a press spokesman for the regional government of Lower Austria. As the 2013 "Austrian Ministry of Science Fellow" at UNO, he is conducting research and field work for his dissertation analyzing emotion in political communication, comparing American and Austrian politics.