The exhibition entitled “Iconic Choice” displays two Tyrolean artists who have confronted and dealt with the theme of graphic quality in utterly different ways in the art of painting.

When: Saturday, October 13, 6-9 pm
Where: UNO St. Claude Gallery
Who: Ina Hsu and Wolfgang Wirth

Ina Shu "Beloved Choice"

“Beloved Beast” is what Ina Hsu calls her latest paintings which are being shown together with recently created drawings at the exhibition. Ina Hsu’s paintings treat the coexistence of human beings and animals and the countless facets which comprise their potential relationships. Her work is infused with her own vast world of pertinent experiences, breathes vitality to such an extent that the pulsating life of the depicted creatures seems to emanate via her brushstrokes through the canvas.

Through dispensing, by and large, with the corresponding contexts in her paintings, Ina Hsu creates utterly value-free spheres in which her painted ‘creations’ find the space they need to come alive and step forward into the visual field of the observer.

Wolfgang Wirth shows us a series of small and medium format oil paintings entitled “Leaping Stimuli”, which in the exhibition merge their identities with the painted wood components and small photographs into a spatially-oriented installation. Works such as “Kamikaze Butterfly” or “Stars and Stripes” give rise to complex interwoven constructs of meaning through their melding of brushstrokes, color transitions, ornamental and figurative elements. Using as a point of departure a text by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (“On Globalization Coming of Age”) and an old Dutch ceramic plate on which Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps is depicted, framed by floral designs and Asiatic decorations, Wolfgang Wirth examines the relationship of his painting with the stimuli which lie far deeper at the very base of their inspiration.  

Ina Hsu_wild, wild bona de

Ina Hsu_wild, wild bona de

Ina Hsu_wild, wild bona de