Upcoming Fall Axtivities

Preview of Center Austria Fall 2010 Activities
All Lunch Talks are in the LA Lounge 12:30 – 1:30 pm

15 September, 2010
Dr. Gűnter Bischof and Dr. Robert Dupont,
History of UNO – UI Partnership
New Orleans: Five Years after Katrina

5 October, 2010
Dr. Franz Rőssler, 
Austrian Trade Commission –Chicago
What does the ATC do for Austrian Business in the U.S.?

18 October, 2010
Dr. Annemarie Steidl, 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Understanding the Transatlantic Migration Experience. An Analyies of VariousSsocial, Cultural, Religious, and Ethnic Groups from Austria-Hungary, 1870-1940

27-30  October, 2010
Annual Conference of Austrian Centers
(Separate Program tba)

November 13, 2010        
Opening of Austrian Art Exhibit
UNO St. Claude Gallery