Lunch Talk: Dr. Annemarie Steidl

Understanding the Transatlantic Migration Experience. An analyses of various social, cultural, religious, and ethnic groups from Austria-Hungary, 1870-1940

Dr. Annemarie Steidl
Fulbright Visiting Professor at the Department of History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

When: October 18, 2010, 12.30 pm
Where: Liberal Arts Lounge, UNO Lakefront Campus

Annemarie Steidl is currently working as a research scholar at the University of Minnesota, Center for Austrian Studies and will be Fulbright Visiting Professor at the Department of History in Minnesota in Spring 2011. She finished her doctoral degree at the University in Vienna in 1999, and worked there in various research projects. Her main research interests are migration studies, social and economic history of urban environments in Central Europe, gender history and quantitative methods. Her studies have taken her to Germany, England, and the US.