Austrian Art Exchange Opening in Innsbruck

New Orleans artists Natalie Sciortino and Jeffrey Rinehart show their work at Andechs Gallery in Innsbruck, Austria. Opening:

When: Monday, July 6, 2009, 6 pm.
Where: Andechs Gallery, Innrain 1, Old Town Innsbruck, Austria

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Opening remarks by:

Hilde Zach, Mayor, City of Innsbruck
Lawrence Jenkins, Chair, Fine Arts Department, University of New Orleans

Exhibit running from July 7 - July 22, 2009.

Tuesday-Friday: 3-7 pm.
Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm.



100 Days works as a measurement marker as well as a loosely veiled description of the past or possibly the present and how it is experienced in a shared space. We perpetually manipulate shared space and scour through the accumulation of specific objects that construct that space. Within these scapes, there are tenuous yet pervasive undertones that speak of a struggle for dominance over another.

Possibility for common ground exists at moments when one individual becomes submissive and allows his or her space to mold around the ideas and characteristics of the other - creating a symbiotic confluence rather than a dominant influence. All the while, this push and pull continues shaping the space that is to be shared. This is the exploration of the nature and effects of this evolving coexistence - one that is entirely personal and universal at the same time.

Throughout the work, this progression into our shared spaces is measured, quantified and examined. While this exploration brings up issues of confluence, compromise and collaboration, a darker view possibly arises - one that challenges the careful fulcrum at the center of any relational engagement. 100 Days can be interpreted as a countdown - a starting point for a certain beginning of an end. After all, space is actually much larger than the part we share.

It is the all encompassing mass that makes up existence; a mass that can destroy us at any given moment. The Heidelberg principle of uncertainty becomes clear - the impossibility of isolation - where we can observe creation or catastrophe amidst a landscape voided of its neutrality, determined by forces both within and beyond our control.

Natalie Sciortino & Jeffrey Rinehart