25th Anniversary of the Austrian Student Program

A special week of programming to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Austrian Student Program (ASP) in New Orleans:

February 10, 12:30, Department of Psychology

Ernst Frank, University of Innsbruck Counseling Services
Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy: The Work of Psychological Student Counseling Services. Aspects and Statistical Analysis


February 10, 3:00, Library 407

Book Presentation
Ursula Moser-Mathis/Günter Bischof, eds., 
Acadians and Cajuns: The Politics of Cultural Minorities in North America (Innsbruck university press 2009)


February 11, 2:30 Library 407 – ASP Keynote Lecture

Eva Lichtenberger, Member of European Parliament
A Stronger Venus? A Moderate Mars? Europe's Future Role in the Transatlantic Relations


February 12, 12.30 Department of Psychology

Eva Bänninger-Huber, Department of Psychology, University of Innsbruck
Processes of Emotion Regulation in Everyday Interactions and in Psychotherapy: On the Role of Smiling


Background on the Austrian Student Program at UNO

Since 1982, some 40 students from LFU and other Austrian universities have come to The University of New Orleans for the month of February to learn about American government, history, and society through specially designed classes. The program traditionally is kicked off with a four-day visit to Washington, D.C., followed by instruction in New Orleans.

There, classes are held every morning, while afternoons are dedicated to extracurricular activities and programs. Students may receive credit for classes taken in New Orleans at their home institutions.

Students are housed both with guest families and in facilities on campus.

The Austrian Student Program was initiated by Professor Erich Thoeni at LFU and is co-organized by Center Austria with Ellen Palli, who has been managing the program on the Innsbruck side since 1989.

Thanks to Joseph Logsdon, Nick Mueller, Carl Wagner, Erich Thoeni, Walter Freytag, and Rektor Andreae from the University of Innsbruck, the Austrian Student Program at UNO held its inaugural session in 1982; it was an immediate success.

Although the format of the ASP has changed somewhat over the years, its original goals remain the same, thanks to the commitment of CenterAustria (coordinating partner for Innsbruck), Charles Hadley (academic director, UNO), Franz Mathis (academic director, University of Innsbruck), and Ellen Palli (continuous director of the program, University of Innsbruck).

The program takes off with a 4 day visit in Washington, D.C. that provides students - between 35 and 45 each year - with unique opportunity to enjoy the city's diversity and cultural offerings, such as free visits to several museums. They also have the chance to get to know one of the biggest and most important cities of the U.S. as well as getting a taste of the American way of life".

Once the group arrives in New Orleans the students mostly live with American families and they take courses in American Economic Problems, American Political Institutions, American Social Problems, and Recent U.S. History from some of the most respected faculty at the University of New Orleans. In addition, the program includes field trips to different plantations, a canoe tour in the Barataria swamps, music events (Jazz, Cajun Fais Do Do), as well as a tour of a local T.V. station, just to mention a few of the activities.

Besides giving students a unique chance to experience American life and culture, the Austrian Student Program also helps Americans understand Europeans and their culture. Strong bonds and lasting friendships between Austrians and Americans have developed over the years. The educational experience, moreover, has had a profound influence for many students on their later academic decisions and their eventual careers.

Approximately 200 friends of the two sister universities, UNO and the University of Innsbruck celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Austrian Student Program in New Orleans in the University Center ballroom on February 18, 2003.

For this special event, an alumni week with special guests, including high-ranking officials from the university and the City of Innsbruck, as well as ASP alumni from all over Austria was organized. They were offered a specially tailored program including a gospel mass, a jazz brunch, Fais Do Do at Tipitina's, a trip to plantations, a canoe tour in the swamps, and of course a lot of jazz.