New Botstiber Graduate Fellowship for Austrian Engineering Students at UNO

On the recent occasion of the Ten-Year Anniversary celebration of Center Austria, Mr. Terrance Kline of the Botstiber Foundation of Philadelphia announced the generous funding through UNO’s CenterAustria for Austrian engineering graduate students to enroll at UNO. Funding has been committed for two Austrian students each during the next three years (six altogether).

Background: Dietrich W. Botstiber received his training as an engineer at the Vienna Technical University in the 1930s. He immigrated to the United States in 1938 and launched a successful career as an engineer, eventually starting a business in aeronautical engineering (eg. parts for the helicopter industry). After Mr. Botstiber passed away a foundation was set up in his name. Among other issues, this foundation also aims at furthering Austrian – American relations.

Terrance Kline

Terrance Kline

UNO’s engineering college is the only college of engineering in the city of New Orleans. It has a solid reputation among Gulf states colleges with its programs in mechanical, electric, civil & environmental, as well as naval architecture & marine engineering. It enjoys a national and international reputation with its naval architecture program. But it is particularly known for its projects with the NASA Space Center at Michoud (National Biodynamic Laboratory and National Center for Advanced Manufacturing), as well as with the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. These programs should make it an interesting choice for Austrian students.

Selection Modus of Austrian Students:

UNO will work out details with the UNO College of Engineering and the Austrian Technical Universities in Innsbruck, Leoben, Graz and Vienna for the selection of these Botstiber fellows; details will be announced and posted on this website soon