Lecture: Professor Reinhold Wagnleitner


Professor Reinhold Wagnleitner
Department of History, University of Salzburg

When: October 9, 2008, 12:30 – 1:30
Where: Center Austria Conference Room, ED 128

Reinhold Wagnleitner’s book Coca-Colonization and the Cold War (University of North Carolina Press 1994) is considered a classic text in the literature on the Americanization of the world and American cultural transfers abroad during the Cold War. Wagnleitner was the first non-native English speaker who won the prestigious Bernaeth Prize for the best book in 1995 of the Society of Historians for American Foreign Relations. 

He is the co-editor of “Here, There and Everywhere”: The Foreign Policy of American Popular Culture (University Press of New England 2000). He is the editor of Satchmo Meets Amadeus (StudienVerlag 2006), essays based on a series of conferences that the University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum Salzburg organized with CenterAustria. In the spring 1998, Professor Wagnleitner taught as a guest professor at the University in the New Orleans History Department.