Upcoming in Spring 2007 - Save the Date

Preliminary list of scheduled events.

February 1-22nd :
Visit: Ellen Palli, Executive Director Austrian Student Program

February 5th 3 p.m. ED 128, Metro Conference Room
Lecture: “ God in the White House-A European Perspective on Religion and the U.S. Presidency”, Roman Deininger, Phd Candidate, University of Vienna, Austria

February 8-14th
Visit: Dr. Margaret Davidson, Resident Direct, Academic Year Abroad

February 12th 5 p.m. ED 128, Metro Conference Room
Meeting: LFU Innsbruck-UNO Friendship Coordinator Dr. Franz Mathis and Innsbruck students

February 13th 10 a.m. ED 128, Metro Conference Room
Meeting: UNO-LFU Innsbruck Business Meeting

February 13th 3 p.m. ED 128, Metro Conference Room
Book Presentation: Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume XV,
“Sexuality in Austria”

March 27th 3 p.m. tba
Lecture: “European Spatial Development Perspective: Transnational Cooperation and Cohesion”

Dr. Martin Heintel, UNO’s Marshall Plan Chair in Austrian Studies 2006/07, Department of Geography, University of Vienna

April 17th, 3 p.m. Metropolitan College, Conference Room, ED 128
Lecture: "The Future of the European Welfare State"

Dr. Max Preglau, Professor of Sociaology, LFU Innsbruck, and Schumpeter Fellow, Harvard University