The 2007 Art Exchange

John Fields, Alex Podesta and Monica Zeringue

When: July 5-21, 2007
Where: Gallerie im Andechshof, Innsbruck

Three New Orleans artists will serve as cultural ambassadors when their works are featured in a European exhibition July 5-21. The works of John Fields, Alex Podesta and Monica Zeringue will be featured at the Gallerie Im Andechshof at The University of New Orleans Center Austria in Innsbruck.

The artists all recently completed masters of fine arts degrees at UNO, Fields and Podesta in May and Zeringue in December 2006. Fields and Podesta will serve as Artists-in-Residence at CenterAustria for a week.

The three were honored at a luncheon on June 22 at The World Trade Center's Plimsoll Club where Rick Gruber, director of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and John Bullard, director of the New Orleans Museum of Art, were among the prominent members of the local art scene in attendance.

"These artists are going to be representative of American cultural power," said Günter J. Bischof, professor of history and director of UNO Center Austria.

Fields has been described as "an artist who turns a deep knowledge of both film and fine arts into the inspiration for paintings, work on paper, film and animation works of the most delicate subtlety," by Brett M. Levine, director of the visual arts gallery at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Fields received a bachelor's degree in arts and film from UAB in 2003.

Zeringue describes the girls in her drawings as "near-identical, pre-pubescent versions of myself, going back to a time of innocence and potential. They combine, merge, split, reconfigure and mutate as they try to create a new whole, un-becoming as a means of becoming." Zeringue earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts from UNO in 1993.

Podesta said: "In all my recent work, I have culled the rich fantasies and experiences of my childhood and re-contextualized them through the filters of adulthood, experience and education in an attempt to re-connect to the creative naivete of youth." Podesta also earned a bachelor's in fine arts from UNO after beginning his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University.