15 Franklin High School Students Chosen for Two-Year Trip to Austria

Fifteen Benjamin Franklin High School students are spending two weeks in Innsbruck, Austria, courtesy of the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and its efforts to help with the New Orleans recovery in meaningful ways. The students are spending their stay in Austria with host families.

The students, accompanied by Franklin geography teacher John Parauka, are: Nick Borkowski, Jacques Collet-Dofney, Clara Kornovich, Margo Marks, Christine Nguyen, Theresa Nguyen, Tuyet-Trin Nguyen, Van Nguyen, Ijeoma Osigwe, Sarah Pederson, Harrison Porobil, Cristina Roe-Guerra, Ronald Strauss, William Strauss and Ashley Teamer.

They were selected for the trip after an application process that included an essay, academic achievement and income eligibility. To prepare for their journey, the teen-agers heard a lecture on Austrian geography by Professor Martin Heintel, associate professor geography and regional research at Vienna University and the 2006-2007 Marshall Plan Chair at UNO, and a talk on Austrian history by Professor Gunter Bischof, professor and chair of the UNO history department and director of UNO CenterAustria.

The Franklin High School students chosen to spend two weeks in Innsbruck, Austria, compliments of the Marshall Plan are  from left, Sarah Pederson, Ashley Teamer, Margot Marks, Clara Kornovich, Franklin - Jacques Collet-Dofny, Christine Nguyen, Tuyet-Trin Nguyen, social studies teacher John Parauka, Van Nguyen, Theresa Nguyen, Christina Roe-Guerra, Ijeoma Osigwe and Nick Borkowski. Not Pictured are Harrison Porobil, Ronald Strauss and William Strauss.