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United States Responses to the Soviet Suppression of Rebellions in the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia

April 26, 2011
Diplomacy & Statecraft, 22:61–80, 2011

Under Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson, the United States refrained from intervening during the three major Cold War crises in the Soviet bloc in 1953, 1956, and 1968. The uprisings in the German Democratic Republic and Hungary came at a contentious stage of the Cold War. In 1968 East–West relations were again groping towards détente and, the Czechoslovak Communist Party unleashed an ambitious reform agenda under Alexander Dubcek.

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“Am Rand der Weltgeschichte? Osttirol und die Welt,” in: Museum der  Stadt Lienz Schloss Bruck, ed., /Spurensuche 3: Randlange im Wandel:  Osttirol – 1850 bis zur Gegenwart/ (Innsbruck: StudienVerlag, 2007), pp. 20-29.

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A Surfeit of Memory?

Günter Bischof
Contemporary Austrian Studies
Introduction: A Surfeit of Memory?

The year 2005 produced a memory blitz in Austria of unprecedented proportions. The major commemorations celebrated were the fiftieth anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty and the end of the four-power occupation, the sixtieth anniversary of the end of World War II and the reestablishment of an independent republic, and the tenth anniversary of the Austrian accession to the European Union.

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Der Wiener Gipfel 196: Kennedy - Chruschtschow

Der Wiener Gipfel 196: Kennedy - Chruschtschow

Stefan Karner (Herausgeber), Manfred Wilke (Herausgeber), Barbara Stelzl-Marx (Herausgeber), Natalja Tomilina (Herausgeber), Alexander Tschubarjan (Herausgeber), Günter Bischof (Herausgeber), Viktor IScenko (Herausgeber), Michail ProzumenScikov (Herausgeber), Peter Ruggenthaler (Herausgeber), Gerhard Wettig (Herausgeber).

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“Quiet Invaders” Revisited

January 31, 2013
IWM Post No. 110, May – August 2012.

On June 19, 2012, Austrian historian Günter Bischof presented to the iwm community and guests the results of his research on Austrian Immigrants/Refugees to the us “from the Burgenländer to Schwarzenegger”.

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